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Why You Should Know about Teas?

If you need something warm, you can enjoy some warm water with a taste of some grass, flower or fruit, without compromising your diet.

Be careful when choosing teas. Pure herbal teas, or more precisely herbal infusions, such as hibiscus, lemongrass, roobis, chamomile… are the best option due to their low content or absence of tannins, caffeine and oxalic acid.

In contrast, black / white / yellow / green tea is actually the real tea that is made in these four different colors by heat treatment of the leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis, which has a toxic effect on the body.

Fruit teas are made from dried fruit. As industrially dried fruit is dipped in glucose syrup and sulfur, the safest option is to dry the fruit yourself and make tea from it.

So, herbal teas are the health-wise safest option. Another warning would go in the direction of tea bags that contain toxic substances, so it is safer to use teas without tea bags.

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