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Why Honey Is not Recommended

Honey is almost pure sugar of which fructose dominates. All tests done on fructose syrups indicate that our bodies treat fructose outside the content of a whole food, as alcohol, so it goes to the liver for processing, and thus the liver suffers.

From there we can easily conclude that all those healthy cakes sweetened with fructose are actually extremely unhealthy.

When is refined fructose desirable and health providing? Like any isolated nutrient: NEVER.

But… There is a HUGE difference when we say:

  • fructose


  • natural foods rich in fructose

Therein lies the point.

Isolated nutrients are always harmful, and whole foods are health providing.

Simple sugars are the basic fuel of each of our cells, BUT… we can’t use them adequately without minerals.

Yes, honey was found in the pyramids of Egypt, but so were many other foods of the aristocracy with which they buried the pharaohs so they would have food on the other side of the river of death. What was also found by the autopsy of the mummies (only the aristocracy had the honor of being mummified) is: the advanced stage of atherosclerosis on the pharaohs. With this, I am not saying that honey caused atherosclerosis, but that people consumed various foods that were harmful to health even in the time of Egypt. Thus, just because the Egyptian aristocracy used honey, is not a sufficient reason to conclude that honey is a healthy food.

In addition to the fact that honey is almost pure refined sugar, it also contains enzymes that bees spit into it and which act as a preservative. These enzymes can cause unpleasant reactions in people, which are interpreted as an allergy to honey. In fact, it is not an allergy but a natural reaction to unnatural food for humans.

Honey is the perfect food for bees, and humans are not bees, but primates.

Our natural food is one that:

  • Attracts us in its natural form,
  • We can reach relatively easily.

What is the probability that in nature people would easily and painlessly (not to say non-deadly) get honey?

And, is it necessary to add that honey is vomit of bees?

Furthermore, in nature, bees live in smaller groups and hives than is the case with overpopulated hives in the industrial production of honey. Hence, those industrial conditions are stressful for bees.

In addition, in the honey industry, bees are fed sugar so that they would make sweeter honey. This just means that industrial honey is of lower quality than wild honey, because free bees do not have access to refined foods such as sugar.

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