Can We Get Enough Energy from Fresh Fruits & Veggies?

In fact, food does not provide energy. Food provides fuel. The sole digesting process of food consumes energy. So it turns out, that food takes away energy, but provides fuel to create energy.

It follows that it is most effective to consume those foods that provide as much fuel as is sufficient to generate an amount of energy that is greater than the energy required to digest the given food.

  • Energy and fuel are two different concepts.
  • We get fuel from food in the form of macronutrients.
  • Our bodies convert fuel from food into energy we call ATP (adenosine triphosphate).
  • The basic unit of fuel for each of our cells is simple sugars.
  • The natural source of simple sugars is fruit.
  • Fruit is the optimal food for people, followed with easily digestible vegetables and small amounts of nuts and seeds.
  • Our optimal, natural foods contain easily usable amino acids that are superior to cooked proteins.
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