Diet as Just One Piece in the Health Puzzle

Truth: by looking at the anatomy and physiology of the digestive tract, as well as of the whole body, it is easy to come to the conclusion about what is the optimal diet for a given species.

With one stomach; long, curvy intestines; glucose as a preferred fuel; the anatomy of hand of a gatherer and of the body of a climber; dental formula (teeth sequence) perfect for biting on fruits and veggies; the human species is without question a frugivore species, meaning that the optimal diet for humans is a diet of fruits and veggies with small amounts of nuts and seeds.

Even if we knew nothing about the anatomy and physiology of the body, we would come to the same conclusion even in a simpler way, by simply following our natural instinct that attracts us to our natural diet in its original form.

Since we have satisfied the choice of our optimal diet, we can now take a look on the other spheres of life that play an important role in maintaining a high level of health:


  • Sun light – exposing uncovered skin to the sun light is of a prime importance for the proper vitamin D synthesis and adequate storage of calcium in the bone tissues; exposing uncovered eyes to the Sun light – without a dangerous direct Sun gazing, except during the golden hours, which are sunrise and sunset, is of a prime importance for the adequate synthesis of the hormone melatonin while sleeping at night;


  • Clean water – about 3/4 of the human body is composed of water, or more precisely, of structured water. This means that the water in the structure of our bodies is not free H2O water, but rather the water within the cell structures. Fruit, followed by vegetables, is the food that is richest in water, and that not any water, but rather the cleanest water, so to speak filtered water that is structured within the fruit and veggie cells. Our diet should be the optimal source for bodily hydration and no water drinking on a diet that dehydrates the body, could replace fruits and veggies as the optimal water source. Relatively little additional water though is needed on a fruit and veggie diet.


    Staying at higher longitudes or in higher temperatures and having higher physical activity level, all raise the need for additional water consumption. In any case, it is important to provide clean, filtered or distilled water. If spring water is available, make sure you check if the spring is clean and its water safe health-wise.


  • Physical activity – being in an excellent physical shape is possible when the body is not healthy from the inside, but it is not possible to be healthy without being in a good physical shape. In other words, there are first-rate athletes who eat extremely unhealthily and while their blood vessels and organs and tissues are not highly healthy due to their poor dietary choices, their external structure and / or physical performance hide it well.

    On the other hand, an optimal diet cannot make up for the lack of physical activity.

    The take-away message: give physical challenges to your body daily and your efforts will be rewarded with feeling great, having a lean and well sculpted body and enjoying health.


  • Harmonious relationships with your loved ones – through working on yourself, getting to know yourself, building your personality and being consistent with your values, you form a satisfied and strong personality. This way, thanks to your personal satisfaction, you can manage to easily balance the relationships with people in your environment, maintaining meaningful relationships, and letting go of those relationships that are not contributing to your well-being. Generally, a self-confident and satisfied person, is easily in harmony with the people they choose to have in their immediate vicinity.


  • A sense of fulfilling one’s purpose – transparency, consistency, courage, emphasizing one’s values ​​and beliefs gained through learning and discovery are qualities that shape a strong personality that knows their own purpose and fulfills it through its connection to the endless pool of creativity within.
  • A sense of security and safety – it is important to acknowledge money and material goods as an ideal way for the exchange of energy, services and products, and then allow a free flow of energy in the form of money to flow in one’s life experience. This creates a sense of security and safety on one hand and freedom on the other, as well as raising the awareness of one’s values ​​and thus being open to receiving monetary compensation for them.

    In practice: do your best to contribute to others through your work and feel free to receive their gratitude in the form of money, because in order to have to give to others, you must first invest in yourself and your constant growth.

Food for the physical body is important, but so is food for the mind and soul. Give yourself the best conditions in every field of life and admire your physical and spiritual flourishing, which is the greatest and most valuable wealth.

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