A Raw Diet in Social Situations

  • Other people’s comments

Yes, there were and there will be occasions when someone will comment about your plate containing fruit or salad, while other plates at the same table are filled with the standard fare. Remember that commenting on someone else’s plate is not about you, it’s about them, and it tells alot about their character. The best answer you can give is a broad smile with an attitude like:

Oh, these peaches are so juicy and sweet! They’re just amazing, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

In other words, express your enjoyment of your food choices without engaging in further discussion. Ignoring any negativity is a victory for you.

In the same way, show how much you have risen above the given situation where you are sitting at the same table with people (close or not) who choose to eat foods that are not in alignment with your moral and ethical principals and common sense, by absolutely ignoring their plates and focusing completely on your plate. You gather around at the same table for the sake of socializing; talking; exchanging ideas, opinions, views, experiences; for celebrations; and not to discuss whose diet is more right, better or healthier.

  • Dining out

If you have been invited to a restaurant gathering and want to stay true to your dietary choices, call the restaurant in advance, explain that you have special health reasons for eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and ask what options are available: would they allow you to bring your own fruit, or they would serve you a fruit platter or salad on your special order. The likelihood is that they might even allow you to bring in your own fruit, but not a salad or any other dish made outside their kitchen, because while whole fruits are usually safe and transparent, the restaurant staff usually doesn’t want to take responsibility for the ingredients in an already made dish and the hygiene involved in making the dish.

  • Gathering at someone’s home or in nature

Nothing is easier than when you are invited to a gathering in someone’s home, or organizing a gathering at your place, or somewhere in nature. In such situations, at least you have a full freedom and the right to prepare your food choices. Yes… this does mean a bit of planning and maybe making your preferred dish ahead of time, but this can only seem like an obstacle if you are still new to taking responsibility for your diet, while over time it becomes easier and easier. It’s about your health and your consistency with your choices and attitudes, so the goal is more than meaningful and worth the little effort and time spent planning and preparing or just packing your food.

Know that social opportunities are precisely those meaningful moments when you set an example, when you prove your transparency and consistency with your choices. Not only because of how you look in someone else’s eyes, but because of whom you will see every time you look at yourself in the mirror.

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