A Useful Trick for Everyday Diet

This lesson is merely sharing my personal experience and practice that I developed out of that experience, because I believe that you might find this insight useful. On the other hand, if you have a different schedule than mine and the described situation is not a challenge for you, feel free to skip this lesson.

Typically, I eat twice a day. Not because I must not eat more often, but because such a meal schedule suits me and is in alignment with my other activities throughout the day. I have my first meal of the day at lunchtime and it consists of fruits, usually one type of seasonal, ripe fruit. Sometimes it happens that I have 2-3 kinds of fruit in one meal, sometimes I make fruit porridge or pudding, but most often my lunch preparation is merely washing fruit or, if it is fruit with peel, just peeling fruit. It’s very simple and not time consuming.

My second meal of the day, dinner, is either a dish that consists of easily digestible vegetables or, if I am in the tropics, fruits with some veggies such as cucumber or lettuce. So when I am in the tropics my dinner preparation is to peel fruit, slice a cucumber or wash some lettuce, and, if available, open a sprouted coconut. However, when I’m not in the tropics, my dinner preparation is a bit more complex. Preparing dishes on a low fat raw vegan diet is usually simpler than cooking, but still requires more work than just stacking some fruit on a plate.

Making a salad or zucchini spaghetti, which is my preferred dinner, requires some work in the kitchen. At the beginning of my raw diet (2012) I was not experienced with meal planning, so I would fall into the following situation every day: dinner time would come without my dinner being ready, which would always create stress for me due to the fact that my dinner preparation would mean having dinner later and thus going to sleep later. Or due to the situation when I would be tired after a busy day, the last thing I would have enthusiasm for was working in the kitchen. Or due to missing the opportunity to sit at the table with family or friends who would just order their dinners, and instead prepare a healthy meal. How healthy is a meal that causes stress?

So over time, I have developed the practice of preparing my dinner during the day, before or after lunch, depending on other activities of the given day. So I prepare my dinner, I leave it at room temperature in a covered bowl, and when the evening comes, and I arrive home from the given activities for the day, my dinner is waiting for me ready which is a great relief.

It’s interesting how I received a few concerns about this practice of mine from people who are on a standard diet, such as But so chopped vegetables oxidize by the evening, isn’t it better to have them freshly chopped?

Hehe… I’m always amused by how someone who eats fresh cooked food is concerned about chopped veggies in advance. 😉

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