Meal Planning

Since we have learnt in the 14th and 15th lessons how to calculate the caloric potential in food, as well as personal calorie needs, we can now use what we have learnt in practice.

We now understand that we are not assimilating grams or ounces from food, but rather caloric values. We also understand that different fruit varieties have different caloric saturation, that is a number of calories per bite. We also understand that we must count on fruit as our main calorie source, since vegetables have few calories, while nuts and seeds have too many.

Just as on a standard diet some planning is needed when food is home-cooked, so it requires ingredient shopping in advance and taking time for cooking, planning is also needed on a raw diet to plan ahead for ingredient shopping and plan time for potential fruit ripening. Even though the idea of planning on a raw diet might sound a bit disheartening, in fact it is very easy and it can even be pleasure once when the basics are learnt, and once one learns what are their personal daily needs of fruits and veggies in practice.  

Practical steps:

  • Determine your calorie needs;
  • Out of the available fruit and veggie offer for the given season, make meal plans for a couple of days in advance according to your personal needs and preferences, using the meal plans in this program as a model;
  • Make a shopping list according to the meal plans and do the shopping;
  • If you are shopping ingredients for a couple of days in advance, make sure that when choosing fruits, you choose the fruit that is ripe enough to be eaten on the day one and two, while for the day three you want to choose somewhat less ripe fruit that will be ripening at your home*;

*This applies only to climacteric fruit, that is the fruit that ripens after being picked. The lesson 25 gives you the lists of climacteric and non-climacteric fruits.

Plan your meals ahead, but of course, be flexible with this plan by listening to your body and modifying the planned meal plans according to your needs in the given moment.

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