So, What if It Has Nutrients?

This lesson could be summed up with one sentence:

  • What goes into the mouth, doesn’t necessarily go into the cells.

Truth, the tree trunk for example is very much rich in nutrients. But, let me tell you a secret that you might have noticed on your own. 😉 The tree trunk is probably not appealing to you as food, and even if you tried to bite on it, your dentist would have much work to do!

But let’s imagine that somehow, you have managed to bite off a piece of a tree trunk and now you are chewing on it. Some of it you even manage to swallow. Now your body is struggling to get out this matter that is not a natural food for it.

The nutrients in this tree trunk are in it to serve the tree and to be food for a deer for example, that is equipped with a digestive system for digesting this kind of food. The body of a deer can assimilate the nutrients from a tree trunk, while yours cannot.

Chewing, digesting and assimilating are definitely not the same processes. Even if you manage to chew something, it doesn’t mean that your body will be able to assimilate the nutrients from the given substance. Your body is effective and efficient in assimilating the nutrients only from those foods that your body was designed for.

Just because a food has certain nutrients that we may require, it doesn’t mean it’s meant for us… humans are not the only species on this Planet and it would be fair if there is some food for other species as well. 😉

  • Sounds logical… But, where do we get protein from?

That’s a famous question, and the answer follows in the very next section.

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