How To Transition to a Raw Food Diet

The transition is as simple as how firm is your decision to improve your health and your willingness to…

leave mediocre for the optimal!

  • The Tactic No 1

    First, let’s start with breakfast by having a fruit meal as the first meal of the day. Whatever fruit is your favorite of the season, it can be served easily and nicely. Fruit is the fastest food, it does not require preparation except washing or peeling, it is easy to pack and carry, and so can be easily carried to a working or school day. In the beginning, you can only have fruit for breakfast, and let other meals throughout the day be what you are used to.

    When you’re ready, treat yourself with a fruit meal for lunch.

    Choose your favorite fruit and enjoy every bite. It will be a special treat on hot summer days when you enjoy something refreshing instead of cooked and hot food. For dinner, have the food you’re used to.

    Then, when you get used to having your first and second meal of fruits, add a large fresh salad to your standard dinner. Increase the volume of salad slowly over time and reduce the portion of cooked food.

    And so, step by step, bite by bite, get to your desired destination, where all of your meals are filled with fresh and natural flavors.

  • The Tactic No 2

    Veni, vidi, vici!


    Just like when someone decides to leave tobacco for example, the best tactic is to leave it behind and not look back. The same tactic can be applied to food.


Crucial for both tactics:

  • Don’t think of what you are giving up on, but rather focus on what you are getting!
  • Replace thinking I am leaving this and that…, with thinking I am getting this and that….

This Health Glows Program offers you four seven-day meal plans, one for each season, which are a great guide for your big, yet sweet step.

  • All this is wonderful, but what shall I do in winter?

Winter, winter, what to do in winter time, because winter is not summer? I hear you, and yet, a raw diet can be satisfying even on colder days. Let’s go to the next lesson!

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