Why Your Body Might Be Choosing Unhealthy Foods

In the previous lesson, we explained how our taste buds can become corrupted by processed foods with enhanced flavours and aromas and consequently choose unhealthy foods.

The body never makes a mistake. If the body is looking for unhealthy food, the body is doing so rightly.

How come?

It is so set up in nature that each species is attracted to the food that is designed for that very species, which means food that:

  • Gives the species all the nutrients it needs,
  • Does not leave toxic residues in the body after consumption,
  • Provides enough calories for the least effort of the species in obtaining that food, so is effective in meeting basic needs.

In nature, this description would apply to fruits as food for humans. Fruit is the most efficient and fastest natural whole-food source of calories for people, and people would recognize this with a simple sense of satisfaction from consuming fruit. The feeling of pleasure comes from the secretion of the dopamine hormone after consuming our natural food in its unprocessed form, as the body recognizes that very food as an effective source of calories which ensures survival.

This system naturally ensures that people want to return to their natural foods, that is, to the sense of satisfaction.

However… when some unnatural food is processed to make a high calorie food with enhanced flavors and aromas, we get something that not only deceives our taste buds, but also gives a composition that is recognized by our bodies as a richer source of calories that equals safer survival. This results in a dopamine rise to an even greater level than after consuming fruit. The body then makes a new preference, always striving to find the richest source of calories, because the body recognizes a richer calorie source with a higher chance of survival.

Once the taste buds are cleaned and the body again recognizes fruit as an effective source of calories, the body begins to search for our natural food again.

  • Understood! But, how do we find strong enough reasons to motivate ourselves to refine our taste buds and reset the body’s preferences towards fresh fruits and vegetables?

There are many reasons, and the most prominent ones are laid out in the following lesson.

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