A Test For Determining What Is Food And What Is Not

It is interesting that people agree on what is dog food, what is cat food, what is elephant food, etc., but they are confused when it comes to determining what is food for humans.

Let’s imagine you have a pet. For example, you found a kitten and you adopted it. You know nothing about kittens, and the least what they eat.

How will you find out what to feed this kitten with?

A simple test would be to put different types of food in front of the kitten and let them choose on their own.

What do you think the kitten would choose? Keep in mind, of course, that the kitten is following all the nutrition magazines and websites, knows exactly what the latest diet is in fashion, and understands the nutrition charts. 😉

The joke aside, of course, the kitten would simply choose the food that appeals to them with its color, smell and taste. And so do all species in nature, except one… You guess which one? Oh, yeah … people made things a little bit complicated for themselves.

Now someone can say that he or she is attracted to some fast food. To clarify this, we will add another keyword to the previous explanation:

Every species in nature is attracted to those foods that are appealing to that very species, with its unprocessed color, smell and taste.

When young children start to detect objects around them, they usually instinctively put them in their mouths. What do you think they check with that? They check if something is sweet or not. If it’s sweet, it’s food. The first and ideal baby food is breast milk that has a sweet taste. Children generally like fruits and look forward to sweet fruits, especially the opportunity to pick them directly from a tree or a bush and eat them.

Unfortunately, the taste buds can be corrupted by processed foods and amplified flavors and aromas, which causes them to become confused.

Fortunately, taste buds can also be reset by the right food choices.

  • If that is so, my sense of taste has been corrupted for a long time, and it keeps bringing me back to unhealthy food choices.

In fact … your body is never wrong. There is a good reason it is choosing particular foods. Let’s go to the next lesson!

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