Comparative Anatomy as Guidance

Comparative anatomy is a science that studies anatomical similarities among different species. The anatomical similarities among different species also indicate similarities of the optimal diet of the given species. The more similarities in the bodily structure, the more similarities of the optimal diet of the species there are.

Human anatomy is very similar to the anatomy of bonobo monkeys and chimpanzees. We share as much as 99.6% of genes with bonobo monkeys. (1) Both bonobo monkeys and chimpanzees live on fruits, young tender greens, to a lesser extent nuts and seeds, and some insects. As we mentioned earlier, these apes also include meat in their diet, but animal flesh comes down to only 1-3% of their total calories. (2)

  • This is clear, but… is there any other similar guidance?

Of course there is! And it is a very interesting one!



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