Diet According to Blood Types

All answers can be found in nature. All we have to do is to look for the answers by carefully observing nature.

Let’s take a look at how other animal species in nature require special blood type diets.

There are different blood types among the individual animals of the same animal species. And I hope we can all agree that all cows eat the same food, all dogs eat the same, all cats eat the same, all chimpanzees eat the same, and so on. All individuals of the same species eat the same diet, the diet of their specific species.

Therefore, differences in blood types are as relevant to dietary choices as hair or eye colors. 🙂

The anatomy and physiology of a species is the most important parameter in the selection of a diet, as the anatomical and physiological characteristics of each species were carefully constructed in response to adaptation to the natural conditions in which the given species lived during its evolution.

  • Is there any evidence that we can trust our anatomy and physiology as guidance for determining our diet?

Can we trust Nature? If proof is really needed, let’s expose it in the next lesson! 😉

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