The Longest-Lived Nations

Research has undeniably shown that the closer people are to a natural diet and natural lifestyle, the more health they enjoy. And vice versa.

For example, big studies such as The China Study (1) and The Blue Zones (2) show a long life span and high levels of health among nations whose diet is concentrated around plant foods with very little or no animal products.

In addition, we have clear indications that when people change their life habits for the worse without, obviously, changing their genes, the quality of their health declines.

It is important to understand that certain industries make misinterpretations of various diets of those healthier nations around the world, for the sake of their own profit. What they do, is to simply emphasize only one feature from the whole picture of a certain diet and declare it as a miraculous factor for longevity and health.

One example would be olive oil from the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is generally healthier than the Western diet, but to say that it is healthier thanks to the use of olive oil is not only a distortion of truth, but also straightforward lying. Olive oil is that what is not healthy in the Mediterranean diet, but even so, the Mediterranean diet is generally healthier than Western. Which is not difficult to achieve given the high levels of animal products and refined sugars in the Western diet.

  • This is clear. But, how come that no entire nation today eats exclusively fresh fruits and vegetables with small amounts of nuts and seeds?

That’s a good question! The answer follows in the next lesson …



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