Life in Extreme Conditions

Of course, there are people who live in conditions that are not only not optimal, but are classified as extreme conditions. A perfect example is the Inuit people, the Eskimos. Inuit means people, while Eskimo means one who eats raw meat and is considered an offensive name in some parts of the world.

These people live in the coldest parts of our Planet where they clearly have no conditions for planting and are forced to survive on hunting and fishing.

History also demonstrates situations in which people have been forced to survive on bread and water alone, as well as similar scarce diets due to the circumstances at a given time.

The human body is one of nature’s most perfect creations, with innate power to fight for health and life. Hence, we see people on all kinds of diets succeeding to survive.

But in nature there are neither punishments nor rewards, there are only consequences.

Robert Green Ingersoll

Thus, sub-optimal diets bring about sub-optimal results.

For example, the Inuit who led the original lifestyle in the North, typically had a short life span, as well as a high rate of atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and parasite infections from raw animal flesh. As a more modern way of life and diet has sneaked its way among the people in the North, other consequences of the modern diet has added on the already poor health of the Inuit people: type 2 diabetes, obesity, bad teeth and cancer. (1)

In other cases of unnatural eating we see the ill-health consequences. In fact, the further the diet is from what nature intended, the more pronounced the consequences are.

  • Insufficient intake of Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables is reflected in scurvy.
  • A diet poor in fiber and water results in constipation and other subsequent problems.
  • A high fat intake causes type 2 diabetes, cancer and obesity, and so on …

What is more, it is very obvious that the modern world is full of hospitals that are full of people. This is not a punishment, just a natural consequence of an unnatural diet. And so it turns out that the modern world has truly become an extreme place to live in.

Fortunately, the solution is very simple and involves choosing the right food on our plates.

  • So, what are the examples of healthy nations on a healthy diet?

Great question that deserves the next lesson!



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