Geographical Location for Determining a Diet

You may be wondering how could people who live in the areas where there is no fruit, be on a fruit based diet. Haven’t their bodies adapted to the food of the area they have lived in? And of course, there is this famous line of thinking: one should eat the food from the area where one lives.

Let’s give this line of thinking a thought.

Let’s acknowledge the following:

  • Zoologists tell us that every animal has to eat the very food the particular animal would eat in their natural habitat, regardless of their current geographical location.

    For example, an African elephant at a zoo somewhere in the north, has to eat the food this elephant would eat in Africa. Why?

    Because the body of this animal was designed for the food that the generations of elephants before this one elephant ate in Africa for thousands and thousands of years, and moving to the north cannot change this fact.

Before making the following statement, I would like to ask you a couple of questions:

  • Do you like winter? What I mean is, is winter so pleasant to you that you would gladly go outside without clothes on a cold winter day? Is it one of your priorities to provide yourself with a warm home and warm clothes to protect yourself from the cold?

    Do you like sunny and warm weather? Is your mood generally better and do you have more enthusiasm in sunny weather?

    What do you think? Why is this so?

The answer is that humans are tropical beings. Humans originated from the area around the Equator where they had lived on their natural diet for thousands and thousands of years. Humans have evolved for millions of years in the tropics. Consequently, the human body has adapted to the circumstances of the tropics.

Our physical characteristics have not changed even though we have, relatively recently compared to the entire period we have been on the Planet, populated other parts of the Planet that are not so optimal for us in terms of weather and food. If our physical characteristics had changed and we had somehow adapted to other foods, we would have seen in humans: fur, canines, claws, short intestines… And luckily, these aren’t seen in humans. 🙂

  • True… But what about people living in extreme conditions? What is the diet for them?

Let’s go to the next lesson! 😉

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