Knowledge Tests

Are you ready to test how much have you learnt? Smash the test, shoot for 100% correct answers! 😀

Test 1

Instead of the Term a Raw Diet

Test 2

Geographical Location for Determining a Diet

Test 3

Life in Extreme Conditions

Test 4

The Longest-Lived Nations

Test 5

Why There Is Not a Single Whole Nation Today on a 100% Raw Vegan Diet

Test 6

Diet According to Blood Types

Test 7

Comparative Anatomy as Guidance

Test 8

Symbiosis as Guidance

Test 9

A Test for Determining What Is Food and What Is Not

Test 10

Why Your Body Might Be Choosing Unhealthy Foods

Test 11

Reasons for Adopting Our Natural Diet

Test 12

The Irreplaceable Bodily Hydration through Natural Foods

Test 13

How To Transition to a Raw Food Diet

Test 14

Raw Diet in Winter

Test 15

Calories in Food

Test 16

Determining Calorie Needs

Test 17

Fear for the Sufficient Nutrient Intake

Test 18

So, What if It Has Nutrients?

Test 19

Where Do We Get Proteins From?

Test 20

Do Athletes Need More Protein?

Test 21

Dangers of Cooked Food

Test 22

Meal Planning

Test 23

Grocery Shopping

Test 24

Storing Produce

Test 25

Climacteric and Non-Climacteric Fruit Varieties

Test 26

The Art of Fruit Ripening

Test 27

Diet Variety

Test 28

A Useful Trick for Everyday Diet

Test 29

Raw Diet in Social Situations

Test 30

Is a Raw Diet Suitable for Children as Well?

Test 31

Diet as Just One Piece in the Health Puzzle

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