· Which Membership card Do You Want - Green or Golden ?

Would you like to have just the first 7 days of guidance and partial access to the educational content,

or would you like 30 days of guidance and 12 months of complete access to the educational content?

The first option is absolutely FREE,
the second option is PREMIUM.

Whichever option you choose, know that you are WELCOME!

You can start with a GREEN membership card, then on the 7th day of education either withdraw,
or upgrade your membership to the GOLDEN card.

If you register for the GOLDEN membership card right away, you get

the whole 30 day education
annual access to the premium content for



Just use the coupon code!



After the education starts, the coupon code won’t work any more and the cost will be regular
149 USD / year.

· Choose Your Membership Card

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