· High Level of Health through a Fresh Plant Food Diet

  • Do you want to provide your body with optimal conditions for a high level of HEALTH?
  • Do you want to finally get the right education on a raw plant food diet?
  • Do you want to resolve your doubts and questions regarding diet through education, both in theory and in practice?

If your answer is YES, this program is exactly what you were looking for!

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· Online program that you follow from the comfort and discretion of your home

With the video content we have created for you in this online program, all you have to do is relax, watch the videos from the warmth of your home and follow educational lessons, tasty & healthy meal plans and effective workouts.

· Create Health

In the comfort and discretion of your home, you can follow along with ease the Health Glows Online Program that slowly but surely leads you to achieve your goal.

The best aspect of this online program is that in addition to teaching you about a raw vegan diet, it is also giving you tools for improving the overall health of your body.

Body is WHOLENESS, health is WHOLENESS. While this online program focuses your attention on a raw vegan diet, it secretly leads you onto the path of CREATING HEALTH.

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· Watch on Any Device

You can easily watch the Health Glows Online Program on any device – phone / tablet / laptop / desktop … We have provided full technical support so that you can enjoy video content conveniently!

This also means that travel is not a problem – your course easily travels with you wherever you go!

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· Watch a Short Video Presenting this Program

· Imagine...

  • All your diet related questions and doubts have finally been resolved through a real, concise EDUCATION.

  • You have a sensible and sustainable dietary plan that brings you HEALTH.

  • When others ask you about your dietary choices, you respond confidently because you are educated about a raw diet.

  • You feel energetic, happy and vital because you know that every bite of yours is your conscious choice of HEALTH.

· The Results You Can Expect

If you

  • go through all the 31 lessons,
  • do the 31 knowledge tests,
  • try out the 28 meal plans,
  • open all the cards of a heart (surprise 🎁😉),
  • enjoy the fitness and yoga routines, BONUS recipe, motivation and support of a group of participants …

you are a sure winner on your way toward your Health Glows goal who will know how to live with pleasure, self-confidence and success on a raw plant-based diet, along with exercise and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

· The Content you Get to Enjoy in this Course

Within the Health Glows Online Program, you get a rich content of digital material neatly and methodologically classified into separate units so that you can get the most benefits of the entire program. 🍊➡️🌸

You get:


  1. Education on a raw plant food diet through 31 lessons (audios are provided next to the texts) and 31 knowledge tests.
  2. One 7-day meal plan for each season – 28 meal plans in total
  3. Fitness and yoga videos
  4. Motivation through cards of a heart (surprise 🎁☺️)
  5. Group support
  6. QA BONUS section and BONUS recipes

This online program presents EDUCATIONAL CONTENT through pictures, texts, audious, videos, meal plans …

If you have ever found yourself spending more hours than you would like in front of a TV or Netflix 📺🤦‍♀️ and you would like to change that …

Well, now you have just that opportunity! If you already enjoy video content, let the video content on which you invest your precious time be EDUCATIONAL, USEFUL and in the service of your greatest wealth, your HEALTH 🐛🦋

· Lessons - audios & texts + knowledge tests

· Meal plans, recipes, motivation & exercise

· Mind exercises, QA section & group support

· How long does it take to complete the program

The proposed time for consistent involment in this program is 4 months – one section per month. You get 12 months of access to your digital content, plus you receive your chosen package of printed books to your address. 🎁📬

· Are you ready to enjoy delicious FRESH food?

· Are you ready to enjoy vitality and strength?

· The Creator of this Course & Your Host


This is Marina from Health Glows, the creator of online courses that help people overcome specific health and look challenges and achieve the desired results in a natural way, through a holistic approach to body and health.

I create each course carefully, keeping in mind the GOAL that my viewers want to achieve for themselves.

Rest assured that I also created this course with lots of love for you. ♥️

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this course and that you will achieve your desired results.

I guide you through this course carefully and safely, so … you are in good hands 🙏☺️

See you inside the course! 🌸

· Meet Your Host

Marina from Health Glows is a certified raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle coach, who has been professionally coaching people on how to achieve a high level of true HEALTH through educated dietary and lifestyle choices since 2012 🌻🌞

Marina’s videos, recipes, books, online programs, workshops and seminars have reached thousands and thousands of satisfied followers of Marina’s work. 💻🙋‍♀️

Marina has been a guest speaker, raw vegan chef, yoga and fitness instructor at numerous festivals and events around the world. 🌏💙

As a persistent and loud voice of HEALTH since 2012, Marina’s work has attracted the attention of many media. 🎥☺️

· Testimonials

· Join many satisfied Health Glows members

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