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Health Glows online programs and courses have different membership prices, each customized individually with the goal in mind to provide you with the affordable options to enjoy much needed health education.

Of course! All the videos adjust to every device, since our primary goal is to make sure our clients have the best experience while watching our video content. Rest assured you can “pack your videos in your pocket”! 😀

Thank you for asking this question! Health Glows online courses are for all the people who are interested in learning about true health, and how they can help their bodies to restore and maintain a high level of health naturally.

The one-time-pay courses last typically 3-4 weeks, but you get the access for 6 months. There is also a premium membership program that is paid annually, with the option to cancel your subscription with ease at any time.


Our platform accepts payment options through credit card. As easy as that, through a couple a digits and click, you can easily and securely make the payment. Rest assured that your payment will be processed safely and securely.

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